"Reunited "​ ​​​​

The Second Act Players of Rosemount, in partnership with the Rosemount Area Arts Council, announces that its upcoming Spring play, REUNITED, is postponed until August, 2020. 

REUNITED was written by Penny Petersen,  and will be directed by Shelley Wolf. 

SYNOPSIS: Four sorority sisters from the University of Nebraska get together every 10 years for a week of fun and frolic in Arizona. Though they’re supposed to be sunbathing, swimming and playing bridge, the gathering doesn’t go as planned. Friendships are tested with flirtatious boyfriends, a séance, and a football coach who gets caught in alcohol’s web. In the end, the women grow stronger and friendship prevails.

Rehearsals start June 29th and will be most Mondays through Thursdays, 6-9 pm at the Steeple Center Theater.
Performances will be Thursday, August 6th, 7 pm, Friday, August 7th, 7 pm; Saturday August 8th, 2 pm; and Saturday August 8th, 7 pm.

HELEN: A neatly dressed military widow.  Never worked neatnik, borders on OCD.  Picks up after others.  Loves crafts/decorating.  Host of the gathering.  Gail’s roommate.
BETTY: Retired chemistry teacher. Overweight and obsessed with it.  No sense of fashion.  Married to Bob, turns 65 during the play, Sara’s roomie.
GAIL: Lawyer and former homecoming queen.  Two years younger than the others.  Never married.  Cynical and sarcastic but not mean.  Lives in D.C, Helens roomie.
JOANN: A strong, take-charge woman.  Sensitive and positive.  The only one still in Nebraska, with husband Ken.  She’s an AA member.  Marge’s roomie.
SARA: A free spirit, a bit ditzy sometimes.  Divorced, living with a younger man.  Ran away after domestic abuse.  Hippy, bohemian tendencies, Betty’s roomie.
MARGE: (Voice only): The only one of the “Sexy six” who has passed.  An excellent painter.  One of her paintings hangs on the wall.  Joanne’s roomie.
BOB: Betty’s husband.  A retired coach and golf nut with a drinking problem.  He and Betty live around the corner from Helen.
PAUL: An attractive widower whose wife died of cancer.  He’s the photographer for the local paper.  Dating Helen.

Questions, contact Keith Reed at [email protected]