Plays and Skits​

Written by Penny Petersen
Directed by Shelley Wolf

Four sorority sisters from the University of Nebraska get together every 10 years for a week of fun and frolic in Arizona. Though they’re supposed to be sunbathing, swimming and playing bridge, the gathering doesn’t go as planned. Friendships are tested with flirtatious boyfriends, a séance, and a football coach who gets caught in alcohol’s web. In the end, the women grow stronger and friendship prevails.

 Friday, May 1, 7 pm
Saturday May 2, 2 pm
and Saturday May 2, 7 pm

Previously Performed  Plays and Skits by the Second Act Players​​​​

Christmas at the Steeple Center - 2019
​​"Christmas Theater"​​
Performed by members of the Rosemount Area Arts Councila and Second Act Players
December 7th

Elves in the Breakroom, Grouchy Old men and a Woman, Drama Choros' Night Before Christmas, Camp Grenada Revisited, Updated Twelve Days of Christmas, and Hobo's Christmas

​​"The Last Sentinel"©​​
Written by Denis J. LaComb 
Directed by Charlotte Kodner

Aug. 15 -17th, 2019

Four elderly women in a nursing home agree to support one another as the end of their lives approaches. A mysterious woman (the Scooter Lady) appears out of now where to offer wisdom and advice for the hereafter.  That's when the conflict, chaos, and fun begins.

​​"Uff Da!"

Written by Jack Dyville
Directed by Stephanie Coffield
This humorous play features "Red Hat" ladies
who are planning to see Marie Osmond in a performance of "The Sound of Music."  Unfortunately, that is NOT what is playing at the theater, and hilarity ensues as the actors try to figure out what to do.

FRIDAY, May 3, 2019

SATURDAY, May 4, 2019
​Christmas at the Steeple Center
"Santa's Christmas"
Second Act Players enjoyed participating in the 8th annual Rosemount Area Arts Council's Christmas show this year with two skits.  

SATURDAY, December 1, 2018 at 2 pm and 7 pm 
​at the Steeple Center

      Their first skit was, "The World's Greatest Ventriloquist."  Lou, the ventriloquist, dusts off his dummy, Sassy Sally, to get ready to entertain Santa.  In their performance, Lou and Sally entertained Santa with a comedy routine about the purchase of a computer.
 The second skit was, "Merry Magic", by Pamela Loyd.    
Louise and Herbert decide not to make a fuss about Christmas this year. But when a little Christmas tree finds its way into their home they discover a new kind of merriment and magic, and give each other the gift they each most want for Christmas. 
      There were also appearances by Ellie Elf and Lucky Elf during the show.
"The Girls of Autumn"
by Paul Barile
Second Act Players was delighted to present
the World Premier showing of this comedy!

FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 2018 at 7 pm and
SATURDAY, AUGUST 11, 2018 at 2 pm and 7 pm 
​at the Steeple Center
What happens when an old gang gets together to reminisce, to talk about the good old days, and then decide to get the old gang back together? And then what happens when that old gang just happened to have been a bunch of jewel thieves and getting back together means trying one last job? And then what happens when their old gang leader resurfaces and wants her old job back? Mix this with a few Golden Age budding romances, deceits, and stumbles, and you have a wacky combination that brings new meaning to the term growing old gracefully.
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Watch the show here!
Ten Minute Play Festival
June 20, 2018

In conjunction with ArtBlast Week
“The Helpmate"
Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
"Something's Gotta Give"
An elderly man confesses to a crime he can't remember
"What's On TV" 
When four programs are shown at the same time.
"Law and Disorder"
Crimes in Mother Goose Land
"A Minor Variation"

Two different viewponts surface when a husband and wife look out their window at 2 am.
What REALLY Happened at St. Anthony's? Three plays within a play!   A humorous look at life in the Catholic Church. 
This was a fabulous show, with rave reviews from the attendees!  
​Spring, 2018

Here are a few photos from the show:
“Growing Up Catholic”
Memories of life in the Catholic Church.
Cast Photo
"And Then There Were Nuns”
 A convict sneaks into a convent?
“Bingo Buddies”
Bingo game and counseling provided by Fr. Mark
Christmas At The Steeple Center - Dec 2017​​
The Second Act Players wrote two hilarious skits that were performed at "Christmas At The Steeple Center - A Rock & Roll Christmas" on December 2, 2017.  Christmas Party at the Faulty Manners Assisted Living Home.  It was a skit about residents at a senior center holiday party who wasn't quite what they seemed to be.  The other was Elves in the Break Room.  The elves were taking a break from their work in Santa's workshop. They were sharing Christmas jokes and puns as they drank their hot chocolate.  

Club 210 - Aug 2017​​
Club 210 is an original play which premiered at the Steeple Center in August 2017.  This funny take on a 50-year class reunion was written by Rosemount author Denis. J. LaComb.
Five Original One Act Plays - June 2017​​
Five members of the Second Act Players attending a script writing class, and each wrote a one-act play. These five plays touched on topics from outrageously funny "Mating Game" to the serious "Decisions."  The writers also directed their own plays and they were performed during "Art Blast" in June 2017.  It was a wonderful learning experience for all.  
Knock, Knock, Who's There - April, 2017​​
Knock, Knock, Who's There? is an original murder mystery play written and directed by Keith Reed. As Grace prepares for a birthday party, for a dear friend, there are knocks on the door, but no one is there.  As guests arrive, the mysterious knocks continue.   What is happening?  But wait, wasn't this supposed to be a "murder" mystery.
Riot At Sage Corner -  Aug 2016
Riot at Sage Corner is another original play by local author Denis J. LaComb.  The Second Act Players performed this show in August 2016.
There's a Naked Man on our Couch - June, 2016
Suppose for a moment that you’re an older lady, a widow, living with two friends in similar circumstances.  Now suppose that you wake up on the morning of a long-planned trip to Las Vegas to a mysterious naked man (though he’s under covers) sleeping on your living room sofa.
Lunch Ladies at L'Ambrosia Luncheria - June, 2016​​
Mirabelle and Bernice, two very proper ladies, order lunch at an expensive restaurant, only to discover that the restaurant has a “No credit cards—Cash only” policy. What follows are scandalous lies, dishonorable accusations, shouted denials, someone getting thrown out, and (shudder!) making a scene. After losing all pretense of ladylike behavior, they find a solution that leaves the audience laughing.
At Halftime -  May 2016​​
This was one of the first skits performed by the Second Act Players.  The cast members of were playing  basketball against the Little Sisters of the Poor.  It was halftime, and they were getting beat 59-6.  The team was full of excuses and complaints and the coach tried to her best to get them ready for the second half.