Here are photos of some of the fun events ​
we have created for the entertainment of our community!
  1. "Club 210"
    "Club 210"
  2. Murder Mystery 2017
    Murder Mystery 2017
  3. Audience in the Steeple Center
    Audience in the Steeple Center
  4. Club 210 Set Construction
    Club 210 Set Construction
  5. Set
  6. Stage Makeup Class
    Stage Makeup Class
  7. Club 210 cast members
    Club 210 cast members
  8. Field Trip to Miracle on 34th Street
    Field Trip to Miracle on 34th Street
  9. Skit -"The Lunch Ladies ..."
    Skit -"The Lunch Ladies ..."
  10. Uff Da
    Uff Da
  11. The Last Sentinel
    The Last Sentinel
  12. Title 16
    Title 16
  13. Hamilton in Chicago
    Hamilton in Chicago
  14. Outreach
  15. Outreach
  16. The Last Sentinel
    The Last Sentinel
The Last Sentinel
August 15th - 17th,  2019
​​"The Last Sentinel"©

"The Last Sentinel" was written by local playwright, Denis LaComb, who has also written several other shows produced by the Second Act Players.  The show was directed by Charlotte Kodner.

Four elderly women in a nursing home agree to support one another as the end of their lives approaches. A mysterious woman (the Scooter Lady) appears out of now where to offer wisdom and advice for the hereafter.  That's when the conflict, chaos, and fun begins.
Uff Da!
May 3rd and 4th, 2019

"Uff Da!"

Written by Jack Dyville
Directed by Stephanie Coffield
This humorous play features "Red Hat" ladies
who are planning to see Marie Osmond in a performance of "The Sound of Music."  Unfortunately, that is NOT what is playing at the theater, and hilarity ensues as the actors try to figure out what to do.

Christmas at the Steeple Center
Santa's Christmas
December 1, 2018
Second Act Players in "The World's Greatest Ventriloquist"
Second Act Players in "Merry Magic"
Second Act Players as Santa's Elves with some children
Girls of Autumn
​August 10 and 11th, 2018
What Really Happened at St. Anthonys​ April 6 & 7, 2018
Christmas at the Steeple Center - 2017​
Christmas Party at the Faulty Manners Assisted Living Home
Elves in the Breakroom