The Second Act Players periodically offer classes on a variety of topics.  Past classes have included Acting, Playwriting, Stage Management,  Script Reading, Improvization, Auditioning, Set Design and Construction, Musical Theater and others.  Classes are offered to both members and non-members for a slightly higher fee.   NOTE:  There must be a minimum number of registrants in order for a class to be held.

Stay Tuned for Future Classes​​​​

In Spring, 2020, the Second Act Players will be offering Playwriting and Improvizational Theater classes.  Watch here ​for further information.

​Planning for future classes is in process.  Please let us know if you are interested in any particular classes.  ​​

 [email protected]

Previous Classes

 Drama Choros  was offered in February, 2018 and again in October, 2018 . It was a unique blend of prose and poetry performance, with pieces that explore both the wit and sadness of the world.  The class presented a "Dick and Jane-styled" presentation of Hamlet at the Second Act Players Board meeting on March 14, eliciting many chuckles.  See video at right!  Thanks to Nancy Merrick for presenting this class!  

Stand-Up Comedy was offered in April 2018.
Five participants learned some of the history of Stand-Up comedy, the fundamentals of doing a standup routine, and got some practice doing a stand-up routine.

​Thanks to Faye Heffele for presenting this class!
 Acting Techniques  ​​ was offered in September 2018.  Participants learned techniques to develop expressive performing on stage.  Both new and experienced actors benefitted from this class.  Some of the actors commented that they wish that they had known a lot of this before taking the stage for the first time.  They will definitely use this in the future. 

Thanks to Charlotte Kodner for presenting this class.
Improvisation was offered in May 2018.
What happens when you mix five participants with some interesting suggestions and maybe throw in some props?  A hilarious time!  

​Thanks to Charlotte Kodner and Keith Reed for presenting this class!
Other previous classes included the following:​ 
  •  Script Reading
  •  Set Design and Construction
  •  Stage Management
  •  Script Writing
  •  Stage Movement
  •  Auditioning
  •  Lighting and Sound Design