About Us​​
We love participating in the theater arts!

Our group was established in 2015 by the Rosemount Area Arts Council (RAAC) through a grant.  
We are a group of seniors, aged 50 and over, with an interest in any or all aspects of the theater arts.  
Through classes, field trips, outreach, and productions, everyone can be involved.  
New members, with any level of experience, are always welcome.
Meet Members of the Team​​
  1. Tony Sasso
    Tony Sasso
  2. John Dinan
    John Dinan
    Vice -Chair
  3. Ann Loch
    Ann Loch
  4. Claire Ramsay
    Claire Ramsay
  5. Keith Reed
    Keith Reed
    Program/Artistic Director
  6. Charlotte Kodner
    Charlotte Kodner
    Program/Artistic Director
  7. Anita Hoffman
    Anita Hoffman
    Education Chair
  8. Faye Heffele
    Faye Heffele
    Technology Chair
  9. Richard Sievert
    Richard Sievert
    Board Member
  10. Jeanne Schwartz
    Jeanne Schwartz
    Board Member
  11. Jean Crewson
    Jean Crewson
    Board Member
  12. Deb Milla
    Deb Milla
    Board Member
  13. Tommy Rivard
    Tommy Rivard
    Board Member
  14. Megan Wright
    Megan Wright
    Board Member
  15. Kim Lang
    Kim Lang
    Board Member