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The Second Act Players periodically offer classes on a variety of topics.  Past classes have included Playwriting, Stage Management,  Script Reading, Improvization, Auditioning, Set Design and Construction, Musical Theater and others.  Classes are offered to both members and non-members for a slightly higher fee.   NOTE:  There must be a minimum of five registrants in order for a class to be held.

Stand-Up Comedy

Instructor:  Faye Heffele

Faye first started performing stand-up comedy nine years ago when she entered a stand-up comedy contest on a dare. She took first place, winning a six-month membership in the Humor Mill Toastmasters Club and has been a member ever since. Fellow Toastmasters have helped her hone the craft of stand-up. Faye has performed stand-up comedy at several venues around the Twin Cities and as far south as Winona, and currently has a recurring gig as “Granny” in the Second Act Players’ 1940’s Outreach show.  

Dates:   Apr. 12, 17, 19   Tu & Th,  2-3:30 pm

Cost:      Second Act Players Member $25
                  Non-Member $40

Come join us for this fun introduction to the world of stand-up comedy! Even if you don’t think you are “funny,” stand-up comedy is a fun topic to learn more about in a relaxed atmosphere with your peers.  This course will give you a brief history of stand-up comedy, samples of stand-up routines, and many tips for creating and delivering your own stand-up routine.  You will have a chance to practice delivering jokes and one-liners, and you will prepare and present a short stand-up comedy routine.  Besides having fun, you will get important feedback to help you improve your ability to be funny! 

How to do a Monologue

Instructor:  Diana Wilde

Diana is multi-talented.  As an actor, she has played roles in many venues, including Old Log Theater and Artistry Theater.  She has done musical theatre, legitimate stage, TV, video, and improv, and also done work backstage.  

Dates:   Apr. 26, May 1, 10   Tu & Th,  3-4:30 pm

Cost:      Second Act Players Member $25
                  Non-Member $40

Selecting, preparing and delivering a monologue.  If you have a favorite monologue, bring it to class.  Theater auditions frequently require the applicant to perform a monologue, so this is a good opportunity to practice and learn, or just have fun trying it out.

Stage Management

Instructor:  Keith Reed

Keith Reed is experienced as an actor, director, and playwright, Keith is a founding member of Front Porch Players, Second Act Players, and Mr. Mystery. He is equally at home on stage or back stage.  

Dates:   May 7, 9, 14   Tu & Th,  2-3:30 pm

Cost:      Second Act Players Member $25
                  Non-Member $40

The Stage Manager is the person who makes the show work.  Learn stage management principles, prop and set management, calling the show and supervision of backstage personnel.

Improvisational Theater

Instructor:  Keith Reed and Charlotte Kodner

Keith Reed is experienced as an actor, director, and playwright, Keith is a founding member of Front Porch Players, Second Act Players, and Mr. Mystery. He is equally at home on stage or back stage.    Charlotte Kodner is an experienced stage actor and dancer who has appeared at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis and the Phipps Center for the Arts in Hudson, Wis., Kodner has worked as an extra on a number of feature films besides The Convincer, including A Serious Man, Prairie Home Companion, Carousel of Revenge, also called Arnold’s Park, and The Last Word. Her stage work includes lead roles in Steel Magnolias and The Cemetery Club.

Dates:   May 15, 17, 22   Tu & Th,  2-3:30 pm

Cost:      Second Act Players Member $30
                  Non-Member $45

This very popular and fun class will teach history of Improvisation, methods of improv and give the student the opportunity to try acting out different scenarios. 


Instructor:  Denis LaComb

Apple Valley writer Denis J. LaComb has written two plays, “Riot at Sage Corner,” and “Club 210,” both of which were produced by Second Act Players.  He started writing full time a few years ago while on the cusp of retirement from his video production business, and has authored several novels, including the “Apache Death Wind” trilogy of Western fiction.

Dates:   May 23 and 30   Wed.  2-4 pm

Cost:      Second Act Players Member $20
                  Non-Member $35

This class will address the steps needed to get started writing a play. It will cover topics such as how to organize your ideas, how to build a treatment, and how to take that treatment to final written form. Other playwriting elements discussed will include dramatic structure, action, conflict, beats, scenes and acts.  Additional topics discussed will include: rewriting their play, restructuring their play, editing and feedback. The final discussion will evolve around promotion and marketing their play.

Past Classes

 Drama Choros  was offered in February, 2108 .
 It was a unique blend of prose and poetry performance, with pieces that explore both the wit and sadness of the world.  The class presented a "Dick and Jane-styled" presentation of Hamlet at the Second Act Players Board meeting on March 14, eliciting many chuckles.  See video at right!  
Thanks to Nancy Merrick for presenting this class!